Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning Life’s Wisdom or Knowledge. Ayurveda needs no introduction and we all should cherish this ancient Indian medicine. The core principles of Ayurveda are Nidaan Parivarjana (Prevention of Disease), Shaman Chikitsaa (Curing) and Shodhan Chikitsaa (Purification) and we have aligned our brand principles around it. Ayurveda believes that the entire world is made of the five fundamental elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space which are represented in form of three Dosha – Vata (air and space), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth). It is important to have equilibrium of these three Dosha in our body to remain healthy. All of us are made of these three Dosha however one of these is dominant in every individual which determines the primary constitution of an individual. We should know the dominant Dosha is ours and ensure we align our lifestyle and habits accordingly. The fundamental reason for people to prefer Ayurveda products are – No side effects and positive experience from self-usage or friends and relatives. However, we were more inquisitive about the reason of not using the Ayurveda products. Some of the prominent research papers cite that almost all of the non-Ayurveda using respondents prefer to receive treatment by modern medicinal system. Also, the non-user group think that if Ayurvedic medicinal system is made cheaper and starts working early with increased scientific validation and acceptance then they could give it a chance¹. Our brand is designed to Celebrate the Beauty of Vedic Ayurveda and combines it with modern science. We want Ayurveda to be perceived and experienced Fresh, Quick, Affordable and Modern. We make our best efforts to ensure our products have high efficacy and make use of genuine raw material ingredients. We are focused on limited but most important products required in the daily skincare routine. All our products are AYUSH certified and manufactured in GMP certified manufacturing facility. None of our products contain SLS and Paraben. We love and respect animals and never test any of our products on them. We never use artificial colours and fragrances in any of our products hence all that beautiful look and smell is 100% natural. We need your encouragement to continue to serve the purpose of formulating natural skincare products. Thank you for your support.
Our Vision

Celebrate the Beauty of Vedic Ayurveda and combine it with Modern Science

Our Mission

We want Ayurveda to be perceived and experienced Fresh, Quick, Affordable and Modern.


Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh has been the brains behind building the digital footprint of FYSEKO and Joy of Ayurveda. He is instrumental in developing and running our websites, social medial channels and digital marketing. He has 8 years of corporate experience before jumping to start his own company Bits and Pixels for the last 3 years

Dr. V. Suguna

Dr. V. Suguna has an extensive knowledge in Botany, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Genetics. She holds a doctorate in Genetics and held different level scientist position in 15 years. Driven with a passion for natural products she worked in Ayurvedic manufacturing company as QC/QA. She is also the CEO of Agile Wellness


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